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Sheila and her 2 boys


Morley Art studios is owned and operated by myself, Sheila Morley.  I am an Artist working with glass. I have been in the glass biz since 2005.

A College graduate of Fine Arts in 1997. I have been Selling my work through shops and galleries. I am a Single only Parent, Mother of 2 boys. Inspired by Music and art, I enjoy creating art that pays tribute to Life. Sculpting emotional figurative gesture has been a theme for me since the 90's.

I discovered how to fuse high resolution imagery in and on my glass in 2007. A process I have perfected over the years. (both soft glass and borosilicate) I make custom art with the customers imagery. What I am calling, "memory stones" ...aka "Image in glass sculpture".

Combining imagery with my emotional figurative gestures is where I am at today. I am working at the flame with several types of glass and at the Furnace.


In the past, I have taught introductory and advanced classes in bead making, and marble making.   I hope to some day make time for more teaching. All good things in all good time. 

Layer upon layer, I celebrate the passion we all have and experience in this life. 






'All good things in all good time'


  • 2013-present GLass Art Collaborator and Assistant to Various Artist's in Southeast, Michigan
  • 2012-present  Something bigger than me! The Michigan glass project, Volunteer Soft glass bead making / flameworking coordinator, Staff, Visiting Artist, and Vendor
  • 2006-present, Sheila Morley Glass Art / Morley Art Studios Owner, Operator
  • 1997-present Farnell Contracting, Inc. AutoCAD Drafting, Project Manager, Engineer (full time from 1997 to 2013, part time AutoCAD Drafting since Spring 2014)
  • 1994-1997 Michigan State University Department, Carpenter Assistant, Ceramic and Sculpture department Assistant.
  • 1995-1996 Main Street gallery, Leland, MI. Sales
  • 1994-1996 Summertime Farm Assistant (Cherries,strawberries, and apples), Leland,MI.
  • 1994 Artistic sabbatical, Sketch book study in the Western, US (See blog Archives)
  • 1990-1994 Independent boat cleaning, and waxing (exterior), Detroit, MI. (Working one day a week,making more money than I had ever made in a week.  Totally Loved this job! Spent 6 days a week having fun, including touring with the Grateful Dead.)
  • 1988-1990 West Side Deli, Manager, Troy, MI
  • 1987-1988 Papa Ramonoe's pizza, 1st W2 job, $3.80 an hour, Can you imagine????Troy, MI


  • Currently attending The Center for creative studies, clay modeling certification completion Spring 2018
  • Fall 2017 Currently attending Schoolcraft College, Alias computer drawings (Automotive surfacing program)
  • 2013 Masters Seminar with Paul Stankard (Philosophy of Art and flame working)
  • 1997 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Michigan State University - Major in Sculpture and Ceramics (Graduated with High Honor)

Continued Education with Masters in Art:

  • 2014-2017 Michigan hot glass, Albert Young. Furnace glass continuing class
  • 2012 Beadmaking Stringer control with JC Herrell
  • 2010 - 2012 Independent borosilicate studies with Gideon Rockwood
  • 2008 Furnace Glass I with Touch of light Studio in Royal Oak, MI
  • 2007 Loren Stump II
  • 2007 Andrew Brown Hot and Cold glass
  • 2006 Loren Stump I
  • 2005 Introduction to glass bead making with Genessee Glassworks
  • 2004 Independent Soldering Studies
  • 1994 Independent sketch book study as I travelled the United states
  • 1993 Oil Painting with Tom Parish




  • 2017 Spring Issue: Flow Magazine. Paper weight image in glass. Received a review from the Editor. They said it was a "Stellar piece" 
  • 2015 Spring Marble issue: Flow Magazine, Collaboration with Ron Morley
  • 2012 Winter issue: Flow MAgazine. Women in glass
  • 2010 Winter issue: Flow Magazine. Women in glass
  • 2010 January: Glassline magazine, Digital Imagery on Lampwork Glass by Sheila Morley
  • 2009 Summer: The Glass Bead, ISGB publication by the ISGB -Sculptural Goddess beads by Jim Kervin
  • 2008 Winter issue: Flow Magazine. Women in glass
  • 2008 Out of the box travelling exhibition with The International Society of Glass Beadmakers
  • 2008 April/May: Glassline Magazine, Making a petal murrini, Article by Sheila Molrey
  • 2007 Winter issue: Flow Magazine, Women in Glass
  • 2007 Summer issue: Annealer Magazine
  • 2007 April/May: Glass Line Magazine, Boogie down Beads! Article by Sheila Morley


  • 2013 International Flame conference Panel discussion on Marbles, as we call them Orbs
  • 2013 Wheaton Arts Museum Gallery
  • 2013 Spring ISGB retreat. Mandrel implosions demonstration
  • 2012 Lawrence Street Gallery Glass art show, Ferndale, Michigan
  • 2010 Murrini Demonstration for Glassact
  • 2010 Ariana gallery Glass Month Exhibit and demonstration
  • 2009 Decal Demonstration for Glassact
  • 2009 Ariana gallery Glass Month Exhibit and demonstration
  • 2009 Collaboration with Glassact, Convergence
  • 2008 Making a petal Murrini with Glassact
  • 2008 Out of the Box
  • 2008 Orchard Lake Fine Arts show
  • 2007 Orchard Lakes Fine Arts show
  • 2007 Franta Art glass Anything goes 3rd place
  • 2000-2006 I started a family
  • 1998 Kaleidoscopic slide presentation, Lansing. MI
  • 1997 Michigan State University Kresge Art Museum
  • 1997 Michigan State University Gallery One Dichotomous Duo
  • 1996 Michigan State University Kresge Art Museum

Personal Artistic Accomplishments:

  • 2014 Decals meet the hot shop!!
  • 2007 Decal tests begin, flameworking soft and hard glass
  • 2006 Sheila Morley Glass Art (dot com) began
  • 2004 Updated my studio to be heated, and used year round
  • 2003 Gave birth to my 2nd son, Evan Lee
  • 2001 Gave birth to my 1st Son, Nathe Douglas
  • 1999 Purchased my 1st Studio space
  • 1997 Built the room of beads with hundreds of beads made out clay
  • 1996 Cast a 30″ tall hollow bronze figure sculpture
  • 1994 Applied and was accepted into CCS, Fine arts~ College of Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan


  • Bead Museum, Arizona, USA 2007
  • Bead Museum, Canada 2007








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