Image in glass Spirit in the volcano

A Wise Shaman once told me My Late Husbands Spirit was in a Volcano. Not just any volcano. The one on the Big Island of Hawaii. I was told his Spirit is performing ritualistic dances that help heal the world. Working with the Goddess of Fire.

This glass piece is about that story. An image of the Volcano surrounds a Goddess. (The Goddess image is from a photograph of a sculpture I made years ago) With her arms raised up, paying tribute to an image of a Dragon. (drawn by Ron. This is a drawing he was in the middle of working on when he passed. I discovered, after putting the image in glass, that it resembles a dragon.) Flame like implosions of orange and yellow surround the piece. 

Solid glass, Size: 5" tall x 3-1/4" dia. to 2-1/4" dia

 by, Sheila Morley, Assistant with Final Construction, Chris Ervin



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